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Headshots.  Why headshots?  They're a fairly plain, passport-like photo to show what someone looks like, right?

Well, not really, no.  As well as being a likeness of someone, a headshot or a portrait, as far as I'm concerned, must also capture the character, personality, sense of humour, and mood that a person is in.  

The thing I love most about portraits and headshots is that anything at all could be in the frame of a photo, you can pull any face or even do a silly dance, but everything that matters is in the eyes of the subject.  The eyes hold your character, personality, sense of humour and mood.

As actors, it is your job to convey any manner of emotion or personality that a role demands.  That could be anything from a Colgate smile to a murderous smirk.  I aim to pull those characters that you want to play out of you during a my sessions so that you can get the auditions and the parts that you want to play.  

I started out not even knowing I wanted to be a photographer.  It was originally just a throw away hobby until I was given an off-chance job offer at doing product photography and it stuck.

I've been doing product photography for 5 years and it still takes up the majority of my time, doing portraits and headshots in my spare time.  Now I'm starting to swap the two around.  Whenever I think of photography now, I think of headshots and portraits.

I've been lucky enough to work with some wonderful actors for the past few years as an off-shoot (no pun intended) to the product photography and now my main concentration is giving more actors better headshots so they can get better auditions and better roles.

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